New Electric Mopeds for adults vs Electric Bike comparison

Are there alternatives to electric bikes?

Electric bikes have become popular. but there were still some limitations for comfort, visibility and ease of use for some people. Until recently, there was little choice for people to use as two wheel transport, without license or registration requirements’ Or to use to maintain an active lifestyle with regard to their current level of fitness. This restricted some people wanting to use this alternative to other forms of transport. Mopeds were problematic since they were heavier and had license and registration requirements. Finally the popularity of the electric moped offered an attractive alternative,  They are closer to the solution by offering more freedom without the need for License and registration, leading to a more active lifestyle. Recently Evolts electric mopeds for adults have closed the gap further by overcoming some of the problems for older people or people with mobility issues. They have done this by resolving some difficulties with, comfort factor, learning curve to ride, extra power and difficulty in getting on and off.

What are electric mopeds for adults, is it an genuine alternative to the electric bike?

Evolts specializes in Electric bike style moped, these are lighter and are easier to ride than traditional mopeds. Similar to the electric bike power but with greater comfort and additional standard features they are a viable alternative. Version 3 designed in 2019 for release in 2020 is the latest model to provide comfort, power and visibility essential on today’s roads. The Evolts V3 is designed to be one of the first electric smart mopeds with unique 3 speed and range control. Built specifically as a two wheel alternative to electric bikes for people heavier or not as athletic or with possible health or age related problems. Giving them the chance to get back  a more active lifestyle.

Let’s jump into the comparison!


What are the differences between the Electric bike and the Electric mopeds for adults?

We will try to offer a comparison of the electric bike with the Electric mopeds for adults on each of the following criterion. Because there are many different models available, we will compare a 26 inch electric bike with 750 watt motor and 48 volt battery to the Evolts L3 parents series electric moped for adults 750 watt 48 volt street legal moped.

We will cover the following:
  1. Performance and durability comparison
  2. Gears comparison
  3. Battery type comparison
  4. Brakes comparison
  5. Frame and Comfort comparison
  6. Visibility of electric bike or electric moped comparison
  7. Uses of the electric bike or electric moped comparison


1.  Performance and durability Comparison


Motor for electric bike and electric moped comparison


There are several motors for electric bikes. Ranging from center motors with gearing to hub motors. Electric moped motors are generally hub style motor (built into the wheel). We will show the differences between these motors in the internal structure as well as the durability. The main difference between the motor is the drive principal. In many cases the Electric Bike motor is to assist with people pedaling first and the motor  is the secondary propulsion method. The Electric Moped motor is the main propulsion method with pedaling the secondary method to assist the Motor.


What are the Electric Bike Motor types?


Electric bike motors can be Hub Motor (built into the wheel) or center motor attached to the crank in the center of the bike. Both are considered secondary drive systems or pedal assist. Meaning the pedals are the main propulsion and the motor is used to assist with the power. Most electric bikes have gears to assist with the hills and in most cases buttons to adjust the amount of power to help with pedaling. Hub motors generally are single speed but there are some cases they have internal gears. Center motors are geared but also use the chain or belt t the gear assembly to change the amount of power.

Are the electric bike motors Durable? 

Until recently both hub and center motors were 250 watt to conform to regulations in Europe. Over the past few years they have increased in power, the difficulty is the space available and the type of materials. Most have internal drives which present the biggest problem. The metal drives are noisy and the popular Nylon ones seem to have durability problems in the bigger power motors. While they do last longer if you use more pedal power, there have been issues with some high power Electric Bike Motors


What are the Electric Moped Motor types?

Electric Mopeds for adults, use a hub motor system, which is relatively simple operation. The motor is generally considered the main propulsion system with the pedals used as assistance if needed or as a method of getting exercise The system is a axle with the main magnets at the center, the wheel has the hall system built in to ensure the wheel spins around the axle. This system is called brush-less meaning there are no parts touching. Unlike other electric motors where an armature and brushes are used. Power increases are generally by using bigger magnets to be able to increase the current to supply more power. Evolts has just completed one of the first water resistant electric moped motors by using a new seal system that repels the water from entering the center seals.

Are electric moped for adults motors Durable? 

Since there are generally no gears in the Electric moped motor it is relatively quiet. The brush-less system has no parts touching each other to create wear to the internal parts. Penetration of water previously was the main problems for this type of motor. It is not unusual to have these electric mopeds for adults motors able to do 60,000 miles or 100,000 km without needing servicing internally.

2.   Gears for electric bikes and electric mopeds for adults comparison.

The gears and assistance method varies from Electric Bike to electric moped for adults. Because electric bikes often use gear cassettes and  power changes they are more complicated. Generally the throttle is half throttle or thumb throttle. Electric mopeds for adults generally do not have gears or the ability to change the power or speed. The throttles are usually on the right hand side and use the full width of the hand grip.


What are the Electric Bike Gears types?

The electric bike gears are generally split between gear cassettes on the rear wheel and the assistance on for the motor. For the bike gears there is generally a button or sliding trigger method to adjust the gears while you pedal. The throttle is usually a half hand grip version usually operated with the thumb and finger. For many people this system can get complicated with the up button, the down button, the throttle and operating the brake all with one hand. The half throttle can be difficult for long distances, if you are older or have any arthritic conditions. For the motor assist this is generally buttons on the LED or LCD speedometers. These adjustments are usually adjustments to the pedal pressure or the speed of the crank being turned rather than adjusting the actual power and speed.


What are the types of Electric Moped for adults Gears?

Electric mopeds usually do not have gears or adjustable power other than using the throttle. This is usually OK if you are not learning or using the Electric moped at slower speeds. Most Electric Mopeds for adults have a full throttle that is the full width of the Hand-grip. This helps to keep control at slower speed. Many people learning, re-learning or using the electric moped at slower speed asked for a method to have more control over the power. The Evolts series 3 electric moped for adults was especially developed to enable you to be able to match your outdoors activity to the required power, speed and range. With the switchable 3 speed technology it is one of the worlds first walking bike, meaning it can be ridden while accompanying someone at walking speed. The difference to other systems is, you have the full throttle range. This means when you turn the throttle the changes in power or speed is changed according to the gear you selected. Level 1 has a top speed of 5 MPH so the throttle has very small changes in power or speed. Level 3 has full power so turning the throttle will have 4 times  the amount of change of power and speed than level 1.

3.   Battery comparison between electric bikes and electric moped

For both electric bike and Electric Mopeds for adults the main factors in choosing a battery type are the following, cost, speed, climbing ability, range and battery Life. All of these factors should have bearing on the choice of the Battery Pack necessary for the model you want to use. If you want to ride longer distances and need to do more climbing the a larger Lithium battery would probably best suit your needs for either the electric bike or the electric moped for adults.

What are the electric bike Battery types? 

Most batteries for Electric bikes are Frame mounted, Cartridge or tube mounted. Generally the batteries for electric bikes are Lithium using 18650 cells. Voltage: More advanced electric bikes for 750 watt come with 48 volts to be able to give you torque power for climbing hills. The greater the volts the greater the torque. Amperage: Amp-hours generally equate to the storage capacity of the battery, similar to a gas tank. The more amp-hours you have, the more range you will get with your electric bike. The hours in amp-hours means how many amps there are per hour of usage. Often, you’ll see 8AH, 10AH, 12AH batteries. We recommend a minimum of 10AH battery as this is enough to get your around 30-40 miles of flat or slightly hilly usage if you also use the pedals. Size of battery required for your electric bike? The amount of power from the battery on your electric bike is supplied by the controller. The volts and Amperage you need will depend on your weight, terrain, and cargo. If you are 120-220 pounds and plan on riding flat terrain you can get a medium capacity battery. However, if you live in a hilly city or you are over 220 pounds using a a 750 Watt electric bicycle you should invest in the largest AMP battery you can afford. Other considerations:  Other things you need to consider is charging your battery and security of the battery from theft. Some batteries need a lot of effort to charge, some will be able to be charged on the bike and some will need to be removed. Theft of batteries is also an issue, since the electric bike battery can sometimes be half the value of the bike, making sure it can be locked on to the bike securely is also an issue.

Electric moped for adults types of batteries available?

Electric Mopeds generally have more space for the battery and it is built into the frame design. Many electric mopeds for adults are now fitted with Lithium batteries. This is done to reduce the weight of the electric moped for adults, however if you do not use your Electric Moped often or do not need a removable battery the economical Silica GEL. Silica gel batteries for electric mopeds have about 90% of the range of the same specification Lithium battery with about 40% of the cost. It can be an cheaper entry to electric mopeds for adults and in many cases you can perform a battery upgrade at a later date if you decide to upgrade to Lithium battery. Note: Keep in mind you may also need a different charger as different batteries use different charging cycles. Some Evolts electric moped for adults comes standard with a Economical Silica Gel battery. This is less expensive to purchase your electric moped for adults and also much less expensive to replace after years of use. If most of the usage of the adult electric scooter is at lower speed and not very long distance this battery type is adequate, for this type of use. The Silica Gel batteries are Inert and present no fire hazard, although they are heavier than the Lithium batteries. Lithium battery for electric mopeds are generally bigger than the ones available for electric bikes. For example the lithium batteries for the Evolts electric mopeds for adults start at 14 AH a battery that is mid size on most electric bikes. Size of battery Required for your electric mopeds for adults? The Silica gel battery starts at 12 AH this is adequate for reasonably level ground and for shorter distances. For longer distances it is recommended to use a lithium battery where it is possible to get a bigger capacity battery. S ome options are as follows: The 14ampH lithium battery, is a lighter and has about 10% more range than the silica gel battery. The 20 ampH lithium battery, that adds about 40% range from the standard Silica gel battery for people needing extended range. The 26 ampH lithium battery, that doubles the range from the standard 14 ah Silica gel battery, for people needing extended range or do not want to charge the battery as often. Other considerations: The advantage of all these batteries is they can be charged on the electric moped by using the charging point under the rear rack. The battery can also be removed from the electric Moped for adults to be swapped or charged off the moped. The battery is located under the seat and it required a key to open the seat to remove the battery, so it is less likely to be stolen.

4.   Comparison of Brakes for electric bikes and Electric mopeds for adults.

Having power is important but even more important is having brakes that do not just match the power but exceed the stopping power necessary for all terrain and weight loads. Both electric bikes and electric Mopeds for Adults should be fitted with cut-out switches on the brake levers, this is necessary to cut the power to the motor when you stop. Some electric bikes and electric street legal mopeds also have battery regeneration systems that assist to slow the electric bike or electric moped while recharging the battery.  

What types of Electric Bike brakes and the differences?

Electric bikes brakes are generally cable with upgrade to Hydraulic. Over the past several years Disc is the minimum standard. The size of the brake disc is important when choosing the power of the electric bike since it will make a huge difference in making sure you can stop as necessary. All electric bikes should be fitted with cut-out switches on the brake levers, this cuts the power while applying the brakes.  

What are the types of Evolts Electric Mopeds for Adults brakes?

The Evolts electric mopeds for adults has been fitted with a front hydraulic brake  that far exceeds the standard necessary for a street legal moped. Matched to the rear solid drum system. This is the same system normally fitted to a Moped that has double the power and weight of the Evolts electric street legal moped. With a cut off on each of the brake levers to ensure safe stopping power even with 2 people and some baggage.



5.   Frame and comfort comparison between electric bike and electric moped.

The difference between Electric bikes and Electric mopeds for adults is most evident in the frame and comfort. Most electric bikes are made with alloy frames and are sparse with their standard features. Such as lighting, mudguards, carrying luggage,  and protection from the elements. Electric Mopeds for adults has many standard features that are upgrades on electric bikes.

Electric bikes frame types.

There are many different types of frames for electric bikes from folding electric bikes to large fat tire electric bikes. Previously frames they were mainly made of Steel but over time alloy frames have become the normal electric bikes. Many types of frames now include the battery integrated into the frame or even inside the frame. Electric bike frames are mainly produced to reduce weight, with electric bikes for males generally having a vertical bar from the seat post to the handle bar post. Ladies electric bikes usually use a U shape, the frames need reinforcing to be able to absorb the flex from the weight. The frames for electric bikes are generally taller and have a higher seat position, and base of the frame further from the ground to allow for the pedal crank. Electric bike frames are generally built for single seat unless they are specifically built as a dual bike. They do not usually have racks or storage built into the frame.

Electric bike Comfort factors.     

Electric bike comfort is based on suspension, tires and different types of seat. Electric bike Suspension: While many bikes are now fitted with front suspension, rear suspension is generally for Mountain bikes. The suspension used is built more for performance and taking out sharp jolts rather than a true comfort factor. There are also seat post suspension that is fitted to the seat post to take some of the shock from the road or other surface. Electric bike Tires: Electric bike tires can vary according to the type of electric bike and the usage. Starting with electric road bikes the tire is smaller diameter to be able to maintain speed, these type of tires do not offer much cushioning when you ride. Electric Mountain bike style tire have a greater diameter, these tires have a smoother ride, these are usually matched to suspension to take some of the jolts from uneven surfaces. So called Fat wheel tires, the biggest diameter tires are the last category. These will slow the progress or need more power to operate but they provide more cushioning while riding. Electric bike seats: The seats also vary according to the purpose of the electric bike, for road bike the seat is generally narrow to ensure less friction to the inside of the leg and allow pedaling at higher speed. Mountain bike seats generally a little wider and more padding. Other seats can be gel filled seats (as pictured which are wider and have can absorb some of the shock

Comfort Overview:

Electric bikes can be comfortable if you are reasonably athletic, you need to choose the style of electric bike that matches your usage or physical capacity plus the terrain you will mainly be riding on.


What are the advantages of the electric mopeds for adults frames.

The Evolts electric moped frame has been specially designed for use by people who may not be very athletic, larger body size or restricted mobility due to health or age. The basis of the frame is to sit lower and easier mounting and dismounting if you have hip or knee problems. The frame is double sided construction with reinforcing. This allows for lower center to make it easy for mounting, it has built in storage to assist with anti theft. The electric moped frame also includes a wide seating area that can fit one large person or two people. It also includes mounting for standard luggage rack. The electric moped frame is also designed to be closer to the ground by incorporating a special Pedal crank system with shorter crank stems. This still allows the electric moped for adults to be ridden with the pedals but the rider can still touch the ground easily.   If you wish to keep up a conversation with someone walking next to you, the quiet motor and similar height to to someone walking will make conversations easier. The terrain presents little challenge since it can go up and down curbs with full suspension and wide comfortable seat.

Electric moped Comfort factors.   

For comparison purposes we will describe the Electric moped comfort is based on suspension, tires and different types of seat. Shock absorbers. The Evolts electric mopeds for adults, has a full suspension system. With dual shock absorbers front and rear. These shock absorbers are designed for weights up to 300 lb load.  Tires. The tires on the electric moped are generally wide diameter that assist reducing the jolts from uneven terrain surfaces. Seat. The electric moped seat is built wide and has full cushioning. It is built comfort even if you are larger body size. It can also fit two people when necessary.

Comfort Overview:

The Electric moped for adults Evolts style, is built to be comfortable even if you are not athletic. It is designed to be easy to get on and off, to sit on comfortably with the ability to be able to put you feet flat on the ground when you stop. You can use the pedals comfortably as necessary but it was not designed to be pedaled for longer distances.


6.   Visibility of electric bike or electric moped comparison:


Electric bikes visibility.

Generally the main advantage of visibility of the electric bike is the height, as the sitting position is higher you can be easier to see in good conditions. However in most electric bikes do not have lights as standard and the main warning system may be a bell.

Electric mopeds for adults Evolts model visibility.

Visibility is one of the main standard features built into the Evolts electric mopeds for adults. Visibility is one of the biggest safety issues with any bike style, warning others you are approaching to ensuring you are visible in all lighting and weather conditions. The standard visibility safety features on the electric mopeds for adults include:

  • Horn
  • Rear tail light
  • LED Day time running light
  • LED Headlight with low and high beam 
  • LED hazard lights
  • LED indicator lights

There are also mirrors fitted as standard to ensure you can see vehicles approaching from the rear.

Visibility Overview:

This is an area where the electric mopeds for adults has the definite advantage with standard visibility built in to the actual unit, whereas most electric bikes you need to pay extra for some of the features.

7.     Uses of the electric bike or electric moped comparison

Why are they different?

Although they are similar electric two wheel vehicles, the usage and the type of people using them can be different. Electric bikes are better suited to younger (16-30 years old) more athletic riders, who require less comfort and better performance. The basic principal is to pedal and use the electric motor as assistance to go faster or further with less effort. Electric Mopeds for adults have been designed for less athletic people generally older, heavier or less mobile due to medical conditions or age. Where control and comfort are more important than high performance. The general concept is to be ridden using the motor and using the pedals as assistance to the motor.

Use for Electric bikes.

Electric bikes are lightweight transport method, able to be ridden up to 20 MPH by motor and above when assisted by the pedals, in most states without license or registration required.

Transport and commuting:

Electric road bikes are often used for transport and can be used as an alternative to public transport. With the use of the pedals and gears you are able to travel at higher speed than the 20 MPH restriction on the electric motor.

Leisure activities:

Electric bikes come in different formats including: Electric mountain bikes that can be ridden on harsh terrain and on tracks that are often rough. Electric Fat wheel bikes can be ridden on sandy and snowy conditions where the bike can maneuver soft surfaces. While these electric bikes are specifically built for these purposes they can be used for other tasks like commuting.


Over the past several years electric bikes have been used for fitness training, with the motor assistance enabling people to ride further and monitor their health as they ride. The electric motor allows them to keep a stable heart rate in all types of terrain by suplementing their effort with the motor.

Use for Electric Mopeds for adults.

In this category we use the Evolts electric mopeds for adults as the example.

Transport and commuting:

With a legal top speed of 20 MPH without license requirements* the Evolts O3 electric mopeds for adults was designed specifically to be able to use for commuting and transport. The focus was less on very high performance, but rather on comfort and safety. With high visibility and ultra comfortable seating with full suspension it offers a great alternative to electric bike. You are able to touch the ground easily so mounting and dismounting is easy.

Leisure and active lifestyle:

This is an area that the EVolts O3 electric mopeds for adults definitely has a huge advantage. With the ability to have different speeds according to the place it is being used. Speed one in very busy public places, speed 2 for places where it is likely you will encounter many people. Speed 3 is one that can be used for general transport with 20 MPH, the added advantage is the visibility. Evolts O3 electric moped is fitted standard with lights, hazard lights and mirrors as well as a horn to warn other track, road or sidewalk users

Assisting children learning to ride bikes or scooters, family activities.

As grandparents and parents we are pleased when the children finally learn to ride a bike or scooter, but then we have the problem of keeping up with them. We are not as fit as previously and we need a electric bike easy to ride and control. Comfortable and safe. The Evolts electric mopeds for adults with switchable three speed capabilities, allowing slow pace by motor or pedals, if you are following children, learning to ride or riding behind them to make others aware they are riding in front of you.

 Assisting others with fitness training or as a coach

As grandparents and parents we often volunteer to assist our children or coach others for sport. We do not ant them to be out training by themselves. However, we have the problem of keeping up with them. We are not as fit as previously and we need a electric bike easy to ride and control. Comfortable and safe. The Evolts electric mopeds for adults with switchable three speed capabilities, allowing walking pace by motor or pedals, if you are following them, learning to ride or riding behind them to make others aware they are training in front of you. If they have a higher level of fitness you can use level 2 of the electric moped which is running pace or level 3 for extreme pace up to 20 MPH.


Are they worth the investment?

You may be asking yourself if a electric biker or electric mopeds for adults are worth the money spent? The answer is, YES! Think of all the benefits you or your loved one will receive with one of these vehicles. The most obvious one being they will give them the freedom of mobility and improved enjoyment of the outdoors. This comparison will give you a some idea of what you need to consider before making this smart investment. We want you to get the most for your money which is why we are doing this comparison, these models generally are durable, reliable, lasting you a lifetime. We hope that this comparison helps to make you more comfortable about using or purchasing either an electric bike or electric mopeds for adults Below is some final thoughts.

What is the best electric two wheel transport?

Even with this comparison each type of two wheel options will come down to several factors. Such as:

  1. Your age or health.
  2. The range needed of your electric bike or electric mopeds for adults.
  3. The type of activity.
  4. The surrounding terrain.
  5. What you want to use the electric bike or electric moped for.
  6. Budget available.
  7. Features you need.

The best electric bike or electric mopeds for adults differ depending on the needs of the individual. As stated keep in mind the speed you need, intended use, price, and features to find the best two wheel  for you.

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